Time for a change...


How it started ♻️🚯♻️

-During the 2020 pandemic, I’ll begin decluttering my house; I suddenly realized I was harboring tons of unnecessary and harmful household items.

I began researching different ways to decluttering my home, and I staggered across several articles that addressed how to live a more sustainable lifestyle.


How it's going

Though this concept was relatively new to me, I became invested in making small changes in my home and utilizing my platform to push this initiative forward.

Here are (5) small things you can do to support a sustainable lifestyle.

1. Eat less meat.
2.Dumped fast fashion!
3 Ditch plastic Tupperware.
4.Use a French press to make my coffee instead of using coffee filters.
5. I updated all the lighting in my house to LED lightbulbs.